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"Norcey Tel"  Your VoIP phone service provider for all VoIP solutions!

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With unlimited calling to other Norcey Tel customers , you can call family and friends anytime, anywhere for free.
FREE : Account with 0.1 $ FREE credit to make test calls (Ex: 20 mins to USA, Canada, 10 mins to India)
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Cheap Price and low cost calls are available from us, specially for USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and African countries.

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Canada Unlimited Call

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There is No Hidden Fees
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Pinless Dialing
Register your phone numbers and you can call without entering a PIN.

Balance Never Expires
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Minute Rounding
You will be charged for your calls by 1 minute rounding.

100% Quality Guarantee
Enjoy great call quality guaranteed by the latest telecom technologies.

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• No contract or minimum commitment
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• Easy payment modes.
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Featured Services from us.
• Pinless Dialing.
• Call Back Facility.
• PC 2 Phone. From computer to landlines & mobiles
• Web Phone - Softphone - on desktop.
• Application - APP - for your Smartphone.
• Price; Minimum purchase US$ 10.00
As a member you can access our
• Country codes and City codes.
• International dialing codes.
• International calling Plan.

Your landline to dial IDD as local calls.
Using the latest DID numbers will allow you to make IDD to be a local number call.
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